Globally, agriculture is the second biggest driver of climate change related emissions and represents about one-quarter of total annual greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, there are more than 800 million people hungry at present and more mouths need to be fed in the future. New food models are needed that deliver quality food as well as protect the environment. 


There are countless innovations available locally and globally. Start-ups and established businesses are constantly growing solutions from improved production techniques, digital solutions, adaptable technologies and marketing and distribution innovations. However, if these solutions operate independently or only work to serve the existing food system, the chance that they can scale-up and reach impact is limited.


Green Rhino’s value chain innovation solution incorporates your innovation into a new agricultural value chain that places the protection of biodiversity, food safety and the market at the core. Furthermore, we link your innovation and business with other businesses aiming to create this new food ecosystem. We see your company as an enabler to reach this goal and connect your innovation to maximum impact for your business, the people included and the planet.

''Connecting enablers for maximum social, economic and environmental impact in and across food ecosystems''