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Value Chain Innovation

The new market place where trade is based on compliance.

Biotrade Marketplace  

Value chain development expertise, certification and compliance (Training, Advisory, Joint Proposal writing)

Safe food and organic extension services

Raising the importance of certification and compliance for improving market access



Green Rhino, officially established in  2017, undertakes, facilitates and promotes the development of safe and organic food in Africa, starting in Kenya. Green Rhino, through its experts, possesses a robust track record in sustainable value chain development, market access, market analysis and linkages to institutions for affordable financing.



Green Rhino believes that building robust value chains that focus on safe and organic food, a meaningful contribution can be made towards local income generation


By working with strategic partners across the entire value chain, we will develop inclusive demand-driven models for safe food, traceability, certification and professionalism.


Click here to learn more about our Healthy Green Choice project. 


  1. We facilitate, manage, promote validation and certification on safe and organic food.

  2. We manage, facilitate, promote and create a transactional marketplace for safe and organic food.

  3. We organize, implement, coordinate and facilitate advisory, consulting, training, education activities related to certification of safe and organic food.



Bert-Jan  has more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative products and tools for organisations such as RVO/CBI from the Netherlands, Swiss Global Enterprise, UNCTAD, UNDP, FAO and IFAD, as well as for private sector actors and sustainability initiatives like FairWild.

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Senior Adviser

Herman has 25 years of experience as grant maker, senior consultant, investor, policy analyst, researcher and institution builder.


Director Operations at Medical Credit Fund

Particularly interested in the frontier areas of microfinance and building multi-sector partnerships

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Advising Partner

Experienced development finance expert with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry for over 20 years developing financial inclusion strategies. 

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Advising Partner

James has over five years of experience in understanding the dynamics relating to responsible business & development policy.

He is also an expert on certification tools that better equips suppliers whilst also helping international buyers to better understand their suppliers and their supply chain.

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Business Development
Operations Manager



Green Rhino’s flagship project is called Healthy Green Choice (HGC). The aim of HGC is to introduce different ways towards agricultural produce that place protection of produce and biodiversity at the core. It aims to develop a new market and new channels, promoting responsible products and responsible farmers. This market is based on compliance to compulsory and voluntary certifications, standards and agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable development goals. In essence this project is developing an inclusive, demand driven model for food safety. It works through partnerships with other (private) organizations that share the vision and importance of food safety.





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